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THE BLACK ART OF COOKING • by Carl Loeb • 130 pages • 1921 • $5.00 e-book via • $10.00 hard-copy through The United States Postal System.

Herein the author takes a stand against eating cooked food from a most unusual and totally intriguing point of view! Using the cooking of food as “a black art metaphor,” he conjures up the evil its consumption creates in the mind, emotions, body, and soul. The language is powerful. The images are graphic. And the evidence, for this 1921 publication, is convincing. 

The author states: “I am satisfied to justly call cooking ‘a Black Art.’ And [I am satisfied] that I have proven how cooked food harms the good (healthy) people by creating disease, insanity, and death in them. That cooked food seduces like “a love potion” and that cooked food is responsible for many crimes of vengeance and summons the dead powers of evil in a person which are brought to life and into action by auto-intoxication caused by cooked food [is obvious to me]. Finally, [I am convinced] that the knowledge of said black art of cooking is used to harm humanity in every way possible, therefore, [I maintain that] this art must rightfully be classified as A BLACK ART. I have shown throughout this book the various faults of cooked food, and I have proven that it is neither beneficial nor wholesome; therefore, it is not the proper food for the human animal.”

TABLE OF CONTENTS: This “Table of Contents” is very detailed. Here are just some of the highlights: Corrective Feeding & Definition of “The Black Art” • How Cooked Food Produces Disease • What Is the Proper Food? • The Connection between Sexual Overindulgence and Cooked Food • Cooked Food Seduces like an Evil Love Potion • How to Begin the Unfired Diet • The Psychology of Feeding • Menstruation & How the Unfired Diet Regulates the Flow • How All Diseases Are Curable with Unfired Foods • Food in Relation to Sex • How Cooked Food Unbalances the Mind • The Action of the Heart and Kidneys in the Unfired Diet • The Starving Babies of America • [Many] Recipes • Seasonal Salads